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Notification & Pop-up Element Add on

Looking to display a notification & popup to your website visitors? A way to advertise new features, products, services, or upcoming events? Our Notification & Pop-up Element for Avada’s Fusion Builder is the right solution for you! Display multiple notifications & pop-ups with ease using 5 professionally pre-designed styles, or create your own to include custom title, font icon, colors, width, and open-close animations to suit your needs – cool beans! Still need convincing? Have a look at our live examples below.
Tip: element is responsive to its container, and will adapt to desktop, tablet, and mobile!

Inline Example

An example that displays multiple notification & pop-up elements stacked inline using the Warning and Success pre-designed styles. Clicking each element will dismiss it until the next page reload.
Tip: stack by adding or duplicating!
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Pop-up & Nested Elements

An example demonstrating the use of Fusion Builder Element Generator to display a nested element to trigger a second notification & pop-up, and buttons used to showcase animation and position features.
Tip: open using a custom link!
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Top Left
Center Left
Bottom Left
Top Center
Bottom Center
Top Right
Center Right
Bottom Right

Closing Button & Custom Styles

An example with Enable Close Button option set to yes, and another using a Custom design to display custom title and content font sizes, font icon, and colors – create your own!
Tip: use custom style to create a personalized notification & pop-up!
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Questions on Notification & Popup Element Add on?

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