Multi-Shape Glass Loupe & Image Magnifying


Want a peek through the looking glass? If you’re a photographer, illustrator or 3D designer, there’s an option available to magnify your pixel perfect results using our Multi-Shape Glass Loupe and Image Magnifying element add-on for Avada’s Fusion Builder! We offer a creative way for image magnification with pre-defined square and circle shapes (or create your own with a custom border), intro text, background or border colors, highlight (glare) to emulate a glass loupe, drop shadow, drag or hover area movements (optional click-on-image also available), move by clicking (tap on mobile or tablet), area position and even custom width or height! Still need convincing? Have a look at our live examples and included features below.

Drag Me Around!

Custom Intro Text or Colors, Highlight Glare & Reset Position

A square magnification type example set to the drag area movement with custom intro text, background or border colors, highlight (glare) and reset position set to 3-seconds after dragging the loupe.

customize the colors to match your website!

Custom Area Position & Custom Width or Height

A circle magnification example set to use the hover area movement with a custom area position set to 0% and 47% for top and left, respectively, to suit any image when hovering with the loupe – even those with transparent backgrounds!

tablet and mobile devices use dragging behavior.

Hover with Me!
Click anywhere on this image!

Custom Border, Move by Clicking & Image Drop Shadow

A magnification example with custom border values set to 100px, 100px, 0px and 100px for top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right corners, respectively, optional move by clicking, and a drop-shadow applied to the image for increased visibility.

tablet and mobile devices use tapping behavior.

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