Multi-Purpose QR Code Generator


Click, clack, moo – what to do when looking for a new way to display links and information? Use our Multi-Purpose QR Code Generator element add on for Avada’s Fusion Builder! We offer a creative way for URL, email, phone, location, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube links, in addition to text, SMS, vCard, WiFi, event and even cryptocurrency – how moovenient is that! Still need convincing? Have a look at our live examples and included features below.

Custom Foreground Color

A URL type example demonstrating a solid custom foreground color. When decoded with a QR code reader, it will open the website address specified on the device instantly without user action.

specify a custom width!

Custom Background Color & Logo

A text type example demonstrating a custom background color and Logo. When decoded with a QR code reader, it will display the message specified on the device’s screen, similar to a pop-up.

logo will resize automagically!

Custom Background Image & Text

A location type example demonstrating custom background and text. When decoded with a QR code reader, it will open a location pointing to latitude and longitude coordinates specified.

use the alpha channel to blend background color and image!

Questions on our Multi-Purpose QR Code Generator?

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