Horizontal & Vertical Duo Button


Say you, say me? Should an opportunity arise to present more than one option, which to choose – offer both, and let one decide with our Horizontal & Vertical Duo Button element add on for Avada’s Fusion Builder! We offer a creative way to customize two buttons, each with independent features that include solid colors or gradients, borders and corner radius, custom labels, FontAwesome icons, optional center divider text or icon and access to enable Avada’s built-in popover tooltip – how spiffy is that! Still need convincing? Have a look at our live examples and included features below.

Custom Labels

A horizontal example demonstrating a solid color for each button, custom labels for left and right sides, and FontAwesome icon for the optional center divider (leave it blank to hide it).

each button has its own settings

Icons & Color Styles

A vertical example demonstrating icons & color styles for normal and hover button, optional FontAwesome icon with independent left and right side placements, and border radius.

link a modal or notification pop-up

Mouse Hover
Mouse Click

Avada’s Popover* Enabled

A pill button style demonstrating gradient colors, custom text for the center divider, and Avada’s Popover enabled to serve as an optional tooltip that can be opened with hover or click behaviors.

enable a popover* for each button!

*Popover is property of ThemeFusion

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