Device Mockup Element Add-on

What you see is what you get? Yes, ma’am! There may have been a time when you wanted to demonstrate what results will look like on devices, and now you can with our Image, Video & Website Preview Device Mockup element for Avada’s Fusion Builder! This add-on includes the following devices: desktop, laptop, large laptop, tablet, pen tablet, phone, smartwatch, light or dark browsers! Need another device? Use the custom option to add your own – #takemymoney! Still need convincing? Have a look at our live examples and included features below.
Tip: responsive to desktop, tablet & mobile!

Web Browser

The web browser device type is a perfect choice to display beautiful landscapes! The chosen image will scale fit the device for sizes that are smaller or larger, though suggest to match the needed size for best results.
Tip: there is a light mode too!

Desktop Computer

The desktop computer device type is well-suited to showcase a responsive design! It can be an entire website, a landing page, or one specifically built for a demo that can be interacted with – scroll up, down, or click a button.
Tip: Coming Soon!

Mobile Phone

The mobile phone device style is a great way to embed 4k videos from YouTube, or steam directly from your website! The landscape orientation option will allow native widescreen content to playback like a real device.
Tip: add a color overlay for a cinematic presentation!

Smart Watch

The smart watch device type is a great companion to simulate how an App will resemble, or function at the fingertips of its user. Set a max-width to add multiple device types side-by-side to zoom in on finer detail.
Tip: Set a max-width!

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