Before & After Image Comparison


Ever want or have the need to display an image side-by-side for comparison? Perhaps, to differentiate touch-ups you’ve made to showcase your mad design skills? Our Before & After Image Comparison Element Add on for Avada’s Fusion Builder is exactly what you’re looking for! We offer a simple, yet effective way to display 2 images side-by-side, complimented with customizable before and after labels to suit your needs – how cool is that! Still need convincing? Have a look at our live examples below.
Tip: adapts to desktop, tablet, and mobile!

Polar Opposites

An example that displays the first image in greyscale, transitioning to a second image in full color, custom text labels, the handle position set at 35% and the color set to black with 90% opacity.
Tip: each image has its own custom label!

New in v.1.1.0 – clickable labels!

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Bathroom Renovation

A second example that displays the first image after renovation, and transitioning to a second image before construction.
Tip: display the “after” image first!

New in v.1.1.0 – hide labels!

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After Renovation
Before Construction

Daytime to Nighttime

A third example that displays daytime for the first, and transitioning to nighttime in the second second image.
Tip: use images of equal dimensions for best results!

New in v.1.1.0 – always show labels!

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